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Ben Lowell


Ben Lowell has lived 9 years outside of the United States (Ecuador, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico). Ben studied Spanish at Weber State University. He has worked in a variety of organizations and roles. Ben worked as a financial broker for almost 6 years, taught Jr. High Spanish and helped develop Spanish curriculum for the school district, worked as the Director of Learning and Development with the Larry H. Miller Group, and is currently employed by Instructure: a leader in educational and employee development technology. Ben is a lifelong Utah Jazz fan and enjoyed working for the organization. Ben is also very involved with theatre and enjoys attending and performing at local theatres. Ben lives in Layton with his wife and 3 daughters.

The Human Manager

Effective managers know what drives their employees and have higher-performing teams because they know how to connect with their teams. In this session, we will learn what makes an effective Human Manager and we will workshop an effective method for discovering what drives each employee.