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Chris Kendrick

Values Worth Sharing

Chris Kendrick is Director of Speaking and Training for Values Worth Sharing, a content development house focused on the personal+professional development equation as well as organizational engagement and culture transformation.   

2 decades of leadership development experience consulting, speaking and training include partnerships with organizations like Bank of America, OfficeMax, Ford, Subaru, DHL and American Express.  

His unique brand of wit and wisdom make him a crowd favorite for his keynotes and breakouts at conferences and organizations like ATD, ISPI, and local and national SHRM conferences.

In his spare time Chris enjoys photography, 4 children, and…acting!  He was in an episode of “ER” and once had a scene with Anthony Hopkins.  He also once met Bobby Brown in the Dallas Airport.

The Cost of Incivility

This module explores incivility in the workplace and its effect on team dynamics. We'll assess the root causes and hard costs of incivility and detail how to prevent and repair those effects for your organization. KEY CONCEPTS:
  •      Recognizing the many faces of incivility
  •      Group exercise: identifying/classifying uncivil behavior
  •      Understanding the price of incivility
  •      Social experiment (3 videos)
  •      The collateral effect of incivility
  •      Toxic culture assessment
  •      Preventing/repairing hostile work environments
  •      Addressing the root cause of incivility
  •      Identify toxic, uncivil, unethical, and illegal behavior
  •      Understand the difference between toxic and hostile work conditions
  •      Assess current work culture (culture assessment)