jake neeley

Jake Neeley


Jake Neeley is a philanthropy and communications expert who partners with businesses and non-profit organizations to develop sustainable social impact strategies for important causes. After spending more than a decade working in marketing and public relations at rapid-growth organizations, Jake knows the power in connecting high impact opportunities with passionate people for the greater good. He believes when goals are driven by pure intentions, outcomes naturally improve the lives of those with whom the goals are directed. Jake has received multiple professional awards and his recent work with the OnWatch campaign has been awarded in his community, nationally, and internationally. Jake currently directs the work of the Malouf Foundation which named the fight against child sexual exploitation as its flagship cause, and also works to end domestic abuse while supporting families and children in need. Jake holds a BA in public relations and management from Utah State University. He lives in Northern Utah with his wife and three kids.

Giving Back: Incorporating Social Responsibility into Your Company Culture

Join Jake Neeley from Malouf, currently No. 8 on Glassdoor’s Best Place to Work list and No. 3 on the Entreprenuer360 list, as he explores the importance of incorporating social responsibility into company culture. He will discuss the impact giving back has on the employee experience, share details of how Malouf has leveraged social good initiatives through their OnWatch program that is focused on stopping and preventing sex trafficking, and provide you with easy to implement tools to do the same.