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Jeff Baird

IT Career Hacking

Jeff Baird has been in IT and data analytics for almost 20 years. He’s been a recruiter, hiring manager and managed teams of up to 30 data engineers. But over the years he has found that data isn’t enough if we want to be able to persuade and influence. HOW we present ourselves and our message matters. In fact 90% of decision makers will go with their gut feelings over data. Jeff teaches the art & science of influence. He’s a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, certified body language trainer (who knew that was a thing) & certified coach in the big 5 personalities (probably worth a google). Jeff lives in Lehi Utah with his family, where they enjoy anything outdoors including ice climbing, canyoneering, caving & kayaking. He’s the founder of and 

It’s NOT About The Cookie

90% of decision makers will go with their ‘gut feel’ over data. Jeff Baird decided to see if he could influence the ‘gut’ to make a product or service appear better. Partnering with the data science club at Utah Valley University, they set up a booth giving away free cookies to passing students. The students were asked which cookie tastes better. But there was a twist…

Certified body language trainer Jeff Baird, will share what they found while giving away the cookies, as well as 3 nonverbal tips that will help you present yourself better and increase your influence.