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Paul Proctor


Paul Proctor is a recovering banker and repeat entrepreneur who is a student of the human condition and believes that all people need equal opportunity and access to personal progress and life fulfillment.

In his early professional career he ran retail lending for Citibank in Southern California and J.P. Morgan in Northern California where his teams repeatedly outperformed comparative teams of in productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.  All the while he became fixated on how to improve bank products and processes and truly delight customers. It was clear that this innovation needed would not come as an employee of these institutions.

In his second career after banking he co-founded iMogul, a crowd sourcing platform for independent film content.  These were the days of glamour where he hobnobbed with Hollywood stars and socialites. It was a real-life adaptation of a timeless Hollywood story where they were the beauties and he was the beast.  Unfortunately (and perhaps not unsurprisingly), the venture failed but provided some key learnings about power structures and the reticence of existing businesses to change and recreate themselves at the expense of current healthy revenue streams, in other words the “Innovator’s Dilemma.”

Paul proceeded to found a mobile application connecting clients with massage therapists on demand.  A firm believer in massage as a healing tool for athletic recovery, and as an avid marathoner, his frustration with finding an available therapist while traveling pushed him down the path to create uber for massage.  He later sold this business to Trigram.

Somewhere along the entrepreneurial journey he met a payments guru and a swashbuckling venture capitalist looking to apply a payments platform to a specific market need.  Together they founded ParityPay Inc. Finally, a business that aligned perfectly with his ambition to help provide equal opportunity and access to all. ParityPay’s first product is Sendmi providing foreign national employees cross border payroll.  Sendmi’s innovative approach to the payroll process allows foreign nationals a means to deliver funds to their loved ones almost instantly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional services.

He contributes as a blogger on the Sendmi Institute page for financial education, participates as a panelist and/or moderator at various FinTech conferences, and generally likes himself a lot more than anyone else likes him.

After a double-digit year period of life in California, three years ago Paul relocated to Salt Lake City with his wife and three children.  He is the stereotypical “Soccer Dad” with most Saturdays swallowed up in carpooling, coaching, and cheering.

If you want to talk movies, he has seen it.  He is a big fan of the arts and a rock ‘n roller at heart.  He’s game for Karaoke and really any new adventure. He often says he has a voracious appetite        for life.

When it all gets to be too much he charters a small plane to fly into the Idaho backcountry with his Dad and Brother or takes his family to a cabin on a lake in the remote mountains.